Indian Arts Review

Monthly Vol. 1


September 2002

Seriously Sunanda
Visiting on one of her Annual University of London teaching assignments, classical vocalist, Sunanda Sharma talked to Richard Turner


Music Review
Three years into the guru-shishya relationship, Sunanda was invited to join Smt. Devi on the concert stage. This was the "next step. She taught me at home and taught me at stage also," says Sunanda emphasising the importance of this performing experience as part of her training. She appeared with her guru in numerous concerts, while continuing her studies and gaining a broad knowledge of vocal styles encompassing khayal, thumri and tappa.


Sunanda Sharma Dharohar (Times Music)
Sunanda's performance here is one of considerable maturity. The voice is smooth carefully controlled and shows astonishing range. Sunanda's lengthy khayal in raag Bageshwari is emotionally powerful. Her obvious creativity is enhanced by the sarangi of Ustad Liyakat Khan. Pure pleasure.

As a bonus, we get a tappa in raag Kafi. This, too is another performance that's difficult to fault.