World Voice Festival July-2002 Germany
Friday 26, July 2002

Song flowing like a well
For many years it was Almut Roessler who accompanied the search of the individual soul for a connection to their God with musical sounds on her organ in the Johanneskirche.

But it does not always have to be those many organ pipes and that one God. The spirituality of the dialogue between the soul and a God can be expressed also with just one voice, given it sounds like the voice of Sunanda Sharma. During the 2nd Globalklang Festival.

Her Singing covers an almost breath-tangly wide spectrum.

At the beginning its sounds soft, are letting the tones float in the space.
Apropos breath-taking. No noticeable breath tears a hole into that complex, meditative sound carpet. The song comes gushing out in a constant pour just like for a well. Next to clear, fresh intonation she occasionally falls into a rougher, colourful kind of Coloratura. Although mostly improvised, the first piece develops over 45 minutes, in a long line building on extremely subtle dynamics. Very softly the temp increased, in particular driven by the Tabla, and the singing also becomes increasingly earthier and more emotional.

The God Krishna, symbolising young love, always plays a significant role. Here Sunanda Sharma presents a very special kind of vocal dialogue, where she uses harmonious melody while intensively addressing the audience, which is amazed, even if they do not understand a single word of Braj Basha.

After the encore there was enthusiastic applause for a concert as much fascinating as soothing, for which the church was surely the ideal venue.

Bernd Schuknecht